Falmouth Police Department photo.

Car ends up in kitchen of Falmouth home, causing water leak, electrical hazards, structural compromise


“At 2:35 am today, the Falmouth Fire Rescue Department responded to 780 E. Falmouth Highway for a motor vehicle crash into a structure.

An engine & ambulance were dispatched. The first arriving units found a mid-sized SUV in the kitchen of a single-family cape-style home. With full intrusion into the structure, there was significant damage to the vehicle and home, including an active water leak, electrical hazards, and structural compromise.

Falmouth Police Department photo.

The sole occupant of the vehicle self-extricated prior to the arrival of fire rescue personnel. The driver was transported to Falmouth Hospital, with non-life-threatening injuries. All occupants of the residence were evacuated from the structure with household pets, and no injuries were sustained. Electricity, natural gas, and water were secured. Additional resources were dispatched to the scene, including our rescue ladder, the Barnstable County Tech Rescue Team, and Falmouth Inspectional Services.

In preparation for the removal of the vehicle, the tech team shored the damaged floor joists from the basement while Falmouth crews cleared structural members from around the vehicle where it entered the exterior wall. Utilities were further shut down by respective utility companies. The vehicle was successfully removed from the building by Costas Auto Body at 5:38 am.

The house is unhabitable, and town inspectional services are working with the owners. The Falmouth Police were on scene throughout the incident and are investigating the crash. We thank all entities involved, including the Providence Canteen, for their assistance.”-Falmouth Police Department.

Falmouth Police Department photo.

Falmouth Police Department photo.

Falmouth Police Department photo.

Falmouth Police Department photo.

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