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Bourne Scenic Park

Camping South Coast Massachusetts

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by Amy Knox

With summer in full swing, vacationers are enjoying their days at resorts, amusement parks, and beaches. The money saving population are staying in their backyards in what are known as “staycations”. The recession isn’t over and people are still hesitant to spend large sums of money on a vacation. I was thinking of something to do with the family that won’t break the bank, when I recalled spending time camping down at Bourne Scenic Park. What a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors with the whole family on a friendly budget. Each year about a third of the population goes camping, or about 13 million people in the US.

The smell of a burning campfire, crickets chirping, warm breezes, the sweet taste of roasted marshmallows, and the beauty of the outdoors. Nothing is more relaxing and serene than being outdoors in the summer. Campgrounds are located in every state, just pick an area, pack up your tents or RV and drive to your desired location. There are quite a few campgrounds in our own backyard. Most of the campgrounds now offer amenities to make your stay that much better – it’s like staying at a resort. From swimming pools, to arcades, small stores with candy and goodies, playgrounds, dance halls etc., camping isn’t the same as it use to be.

Bourne Scenic ParkWe live in a wonderful region that offers something for everyone. Located in Westport, Mass. are the Westport Camping Grounds. The grounds are minutes from Horseneck Beach and offer nights for as low as $30.00. They suggest a visit to Everett Cove and also offer whitewater paddling, hiking, fishing and biking. Horseneck Beach is wonderful for waves, walking along the shore finding shells, playing beach volleyball, or getting a snack at the snack shack. In the area also is ‘The Back Eddy’ and ‘The Bayside’ – both restaurants are close by, offer ocean views with delicious fresh seafood.

Head down towards Cape Cod and in Rochester, Mass is Outdoor World Gateway to Cape Cod campground. If you don’t have a tent or camper you can rent a cabin or a trailer. Membership gives you a discounted rate, and there is an arcade, wi-fi, a pool, snack bar, and much more. In case you forget to pack something, there is also a store with supplies. This location is more in the woods with dirt roads, really keeping it natural.

Both of these campgrounds are in our local area, which means less fuel, still being close to home but getting you away for a few days on pennies. Camping is an opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer. Some of the best times are spent around the campfire, enjoying stories from the past, planning adventures that are waiting for tomorrow. Maybe there is a book you have wanted to read, take a nap under the shady trees, hike through trails, or bike around. These activities are usually put on the back burner because of everyday life. Out in nature allows you to skip the everyday routine, like work, paying bills, yard work, social events and you don’t need to watch television, surf the web or be attached to the phone. This is what camping allows us to do, by going back to the basics, and enjoying each other’s company. Catch up on what is going on in your children’s lives, reconnect with your spouse, be adventurous, make lasting memories.

There is a website, www.campmass.com. This website gives a list of all campgrounds in Massachusetts by region. Our region is called the Pilgrim region which includes towns from Westport, Middleboro, Wareham and Plymouth. The site then breaks down each campground letting you know price, dates of operation, contact information, nearby attractions, and all the amenities they have to offer a camper. The site is easy to use, they have wonderful pictures of the campgrounds which may help you make a better decision on where to stay and it’s free to browse and download the brochure.

Popular South Coast Massachusetts Camp Ground Locations

Popular South Coast Massachusetts Camp Ground Locations

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