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Buddy Andrade: Let’s not forget Malcolm Gracia


By John G. Buddy Andrade:

“Hi America,

We again are faced with the most vicious and ugly virus of all, (I don’t mean COVID-!9 or WAR) I mean BlackHateRacism-RacismHateBlack.

I want to be clear I am focused on hate racism towards Black People – African Americans and we must stop allowing everyone else problems to be more important than ours.

Let’s work together to find a final solution to our concerns around health, environmental health, environmental justice, homeownership and affordable housing, Job training career discriminations, total criminal justice reform, RETRAINING of ALL LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONNEL AND POLICY CHANGES. drugs and gun violence Education for our children and young adults so that they can HEAL themselves from the BlackHateRacism-RacismHateBlack, an American Virus.

The young people in New Bedford who have made their voices heard, good job. I urge you to be your leaders to keep on the path of non-violence, don’t follow, lead for peace and freedom, we need your voices at the table to fight for change.

Colin Kaepernick tried to warn people that enough is enough, he provided a peaceful constitutional right of expression for Americans to take part in, remember what happened, BlackHateRacism-RacismHateBlack, now what?

In Solidarity with all the black families who have lost love ones, we in New Bedford stand with you.

New Bedford, we have our own unfinished business, “while we are on the subject” – Malcolm Gracia.

What I am sharing is Public Information it happens here and is
still not solved. Please view video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZxy2rhZ3os and read ‘Will New Bedford ever know the truth about what happened to Malcolm Gracia?’. Let’s not forget Malcolm Gracia, and his family he was only 15 years old. Where is his Justice?

Let’s organize peaceful and positive solutions, we all can do something there are many ways to get involved. Be leaders for peace and freedom.”

John G. Buddy Andrade

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  1. Enough is enough let’s not forget what has happened in this city historically in relation to racism. And how racism has infiltrated every aspect of many of our lives. It time to take action we must educate others who have never walked in our shoes and hold one another accountable to move forward to meaningful change across society and justice and liberty for All.

  2. New Bedford let your voice be heard . It’s not just about those who have been slained by those we depend on their duty to protect and to serve. But to change the culture among police departments across this country. I encourage peaceful protests it’s an afforded right! We have witnessed a New Bedford police officer and Chief Corderio willingly participate which speaks volumes in the movement. I challenge many others local public officials,law enforcement ,and the residents of this city to change hearts and to fully engage for a better future.

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