Break-in and theft caught on New Bedford pizzeria’s surveillance camera

An Acushnet Avenue pizzeria was broken into and had money stolen from the cash register on Tuesday and it was all caught on surveillance.

‘All Around Pizza’ at 1634 Acushnet Avenue, New Bedford was visited by a thief on the one day out of the week that they are closed. The thief made entry by smashing the glass door, then beelined it for the cash register and took approximately $600.

“All Around Pizza” photo.

Owner Lukas Quintin is mystified because, in spite of the destructive way the thief got into the business, it didn’t set off the alarm. A check on the alarm system showed it to be functioning properly. In addition, the camera over the doorway shows a figure approaching the door, then cuts out for 2 minutes, before the camera over the cash register comes on catching the theft. Quintin is the only person with the video password and he employs his family so he has ruled out an inside job.

Puzzled by the alarm not activating, Quintin had the alarm company technician come down and run a diagnostic check on the system. The check turned up no issues and showed that at no point did anyone shut off the alarm. It simply never went off.

Quintin said that the replacement of the glass door and the stolen cash is a serious setback, an amount that equals about a week’s worth of inventory. “I work all day and night to make a living,” said Quintin. “We’re good to the neighborhood. This is what people do to someone’s business that works hard to try to be successful?! Why get a job when stealing is easier? It’s sad. I don’t understand why people would want to come into a pizza place, it’s not like we have many valuables. I can’t wrap my head around it.”

“All Around Pizza” photo.

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