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Boutique Fitness offer private & small group fitness training featuring unique programming that produces real results!


We are one month into the new year and some of us have either not attended to our resolutions or are off to a rocky start. If you are one of those that didn’t need to make a resolution because you were already engaged in a fitness lifestyle, power to you!

Some of us have bounced from one form of exercise to another, e.g. Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, weight lifting, martial arts, etc. in an attempt to find that one regimen that just “clicks.” In spite of our best intentions, one of the biggest hurdles is time constraint. Our dedication is there, our motivation is present, we’re determined…it’s just that life’s chores, responsibilities and demands just muss everything up.

Between our job, kid(s) and their school and hobbies, significant other, cooking, cleaning, and so on, we just can’t seem to get a regular schedule. That’s because life is just never regularly scheduled.

We eventually abandon the idea of of exercising with any regularity – we might manage a few weeks in a row, before there’s a conflict and then we miss a week or so. Or, we somewhat maintain the regular slot, but can only spare a short period of time before having to jet out to take care of something. This does not have to be the case!

The area’s premier fitness consultants with three convenient locations, Boutique Fitness specializes in helping this sort of person pursue their health and fitness lifestyle. The one whose schedule seems to always get in the way. You want to look and feel better, perhaps squeeze into that blouse, or pants you used to fit into but can’t do a 6:30pm workout 3-5 times per week? Want to lower that blood pressure or feel more energetic, but need access to a gym when you can? Not sure which changes you should be making in your diet? Boutique Fitness is a perfect fit!

With three locations, 516 Pleasant Street (New Bedford) 33 County Rd. (Mattapoisett) and 645 State Rd. (Westport) they are just a few minutes away from wherever you are. Co-owner and coaches Lara Harrington (ISSA, ACSM) and Angela Corrieri-Johnson, (ISSA, PN) address all these issues and gladly return the opportunity to the fitness lifestyle to those who need and want it.

Lara and Angela both stressed to me that they are there for the entire gamut of experience from the person who never exercises to the elite athlete. Regardless of your experience, objectives, or goals Boutique Fitness can expertly assist you. Even age is not a hurdle: they have clients that range in age from the middle 20s to as “young” as 80 years old!

What Boutique Fitness does superlatively is customize a fitness, health and nutrition regimen that is best for you. No cookie cutter approach here. Your initial visit consists of a consultation and fitness assessment – an opportunity to learn about you and how the staff can best help you. Communication is key and it starts there.

Boutique Fitness utilize their vast experience and knowledge to design a prescription approach that is efficient, intelligent and one that maximizes your results. This initial assessment goes well beyond gathering your height, weight and blood pressure and many other important data is culled.

The semi-private workouts typically last 30 minutes and are for up to 4 people. This means you get the total attention and focus of these fitness gurus in an environment where there aren’t 30 other people watching, making distracting chatter and noises, and you don’t need to fight to get on a machine. No wiping someone else’s sweat off a seat – those days are over.

This 30 minutes of a customized, undistracted, focused and efficient workout would take an hour at a public facility! You get more done, with better results in less time. The periodic assessments and nutrition coaching improve those results even more drastically.

Being around passion like this for even a few minutes, will get you excited to begin. When you are motivated and beginning to enjoy the results, it will be constant fuel to push yourself even more and this “vicious” circle perpetuates itself. You won’t have any problem finding motivation – the single greatest killer of anyone who takes up a fitness regimen or is trying to reach specific goals.

Stressing the value of this motivation, Boutique Fitness has a point system that awards those who have excellent attendance with free sessions.

The inspiration for the business comes from their own personal experiences and seeing the radical changes physically and mentally from clients. When asked to go further, Lara said “I’ve been training for almost 12 years, so I’ve seen a lot. To pinpoint one moment when I was reassured that this is what I’m suppose to be doing is impossible. It literally happens every day.

The progress we see with our clients; the way their confidence builds, self esteem improves, the way they start to move without struggle, when they can get off their medications. Those are the reasons why. There are victories in each day. We help people feel like a million bucks!”

So, if you feel daunted by the sheer volume of material to read up on with it comes to health, nutrition, and fitness or you can’t seem to find a schedule that fits. Or you are having trouble finding your motivation and get started. Drop it. There’s no need!

Head to Boutique Fitness for your FREE consultation and fitness assessment. While this session will sell you on the benefits you’ll get at Boutique Fitness, meeting and spending just a few minutes with the staff will demonstrate their passion, knowledge and friendliness will be the biggest selling point of all. Who they are is their best product and service.

Get yourself headed in a positive direction when it comes to your nutrition, fitness and health. Your motivation will increase immediately and within weeks you will see physical results. No price can be placed on your health, and no place can get your the biggest results, in the quickest time, in an environment where the instructors are one on one or two on one.

Boutique Fitness
502 Pleasant St. New Bedford.
33 County Rd. Mattapoisett.
645 State Rd., Westport.
Phone: (774) 202-4688
Email: fitness@boutiquefitness.com
Facebook: facebook.com/boutiquefitnessnb
Twitter: twitter.com/boutiquefitnb
Website: boutiquefitnessnb.com

*Credentials Guide
ISSA=International Sports Science Association
ACSM=American College of Sports Medicine
PN=Precision Nutrition
TRX=Suspension Training Bodyweight Exercise Certification
TFW=Training For Warriors


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