Boston Police Department photo.

Boston Police Department recognize empathy, courage and compassion on high above the bleachers of Fenway Park


BPD Photo of the Day: Earlier this week, BPD Captain Kelley McCormick was working a paid detail at a Red Sox-Yankees game at Fenway Park when his attention was drawn to an adult male party who had gained access to a camera position high above center field.

The individual appeared to be emotionally disturbed and was yelling loudly while standing perilously close to the edge, beyond the safety railing. The officer calmly approached the male in attempts to de-escalate the dire situation while asking him to return to safer footing. After several tense moments nearly forty feet above the Fenway bleachers, the man agreed to take the Captain’s outstretched hand and accepted his offer to seek a mental health evaluation and treatment.

We are grateful that our officer and this individual in need of services were not harmed during this incident. Special thanks to Boston Herald photographer Nancy Lane for sharing these tremendous images.

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