Boston Police Harbor Patrol Unit comes to aid of stranded groom ahead of wedding

“Earlier on Saturday, August 13, 2022, officers assigned to the Boston Police Department Harbor Patrol Unit were alerted to a temporarily disabled ferry at a nearby dock in Boston Harbor.

The ferry was set to head out to Thompson Island for a wedding ceremony which was scheduled for later in the day. While the bride was already on the island, the officers were informed that the groom was standing by at the delayed ferry boat. The officers quickly responded to assist but when they arrived to escort the groom, they realized that the situation was dire, as several other members of the wedding party were also without a means of transport in addition to the photographer, the D.J. and all the decorative flowers for the ceremony.

Boston Police Department photo.

The officers took it upon themselves to ensure that all parties involved, as well as the floral arrangements, made it safely to their intended destination out in the harbor.

Several hours later, BPD Officer Joe Matthews returned to Thompson Island to share a laugh and congratulate the newly married couple before they returned to their reception surrounded by their friends, families and loved ones.

The men and women of the Boston Police Department join with Officers Joe Matthews and Stephanie McGrath to congratulate the couple as they celebrate their very special day and we thank our officers for going above and beyond the call of duty to make sure they could enjoy it together.” -Boston Police Department.

Boston Police Department photo.

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