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Boston man charged with assault to murder after dragging officer and pinning him between two vehicles


“One Less Gun: At about 1:48 AM on Thursday, September 17, 2020, officers assigned to District B-2 (Roxbury) conducted a traffic stop resulting in an on-site arrest and the recovery of a loaded firearm in the area of 51 Regent Street in Roxbury.

While on patrol in the area of Moreland Street, officers’ attention was drawn to a gray Toyota Avalon with the driver’s side tail light broken. A query of the vehicle led to the discovery that the vehicle also did not possess a valid inspection sticker. Officers monitored the vehicle while at the intersection of Warren Street and Moreland Street. The officers remained behind the vehicle, activating their lights and sirens in an effort to initiate a traffic stop. The vehicle continued down Regent Street, without slowing down or pulling to the side of the road. Officers continued to follow the vehicle until the operator pulled into the driveway next to 57 Regent Street.

Officers quickly exited their cruiser and approached the operator within the vehicle. The officers explained to the male the reason why he was being stopped, which was for the broken tail light. The male responded by arguing with the officers, refusing to acknowledge the validity of the stop. At this time, officers ordered the operator out of the vehicle as he was being taken into custody for failing to stop for police. The male in turn refused to comply with the officers’ commands and reached down to the shifter in an attempt to put the vehicle into reverse.

The operator raised his left arm to deflect the officer at the door from preventing the operator from fleeing the scene. The operator was able to shift the vehicle into the neutral position, revving the engine loudly in the process. The officer attempted to reach into the vehicle to place it into park in order to affect the arrest of the operator who continued using his left arm and body to shield the shifter. The operator successfully shifted the vehicle into reverse and immediately accelerated as the officer was trapped between the car door and the frame of the vehicle with the operator continuing to deflect the officer from stopping the vehicle or escaping to a place of safety. The operator eventually crashed into the front end of the officers’ cruiser, dragging the officer who was stuck within the car door, for several feet. The operator pinned the officer between his vehicle and the parked police cruiser.

The operator continued to operate the vehicle recklessly, crashing into another parked vehicle as he attempted to evade officers. The suspect continued to reverse onto the lawn in an effort to turn back onto Regent Street from the parking lot, but he eventually crashed into a tree. The suspect exited the vehicle and attempted to flee, but both the injured officer and his partner gave chase. Officers caught up to the suspect and violent struggle ensued. The male continued to actively resist officers while continuously reaching toward his waistband.

Additional units responded to the scene and were able to place the suspect into handcuffs. Once the suspect was secured, officers approached the vehicle and, on the ground, next to the open driver’s door, they recovered a Springfield Armory Model XD-40 loaded with twelve rounds of live ammunition. Additionally, a pill bottle containing fifty-one white pills believed to be Oxycodone was recovered within the vehicle.

Officers arrested Tarique Hokett Richardson, 24-years-old, of Roxbury. Hokett Robinson is expected to be arraigned in Roxbury District Court on charges of Assault to Murder or Maim, Armed Career Criminal Level 1, Unlawful Possession of a Loaded Firearm, Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, 2nd Subsequent Offense, Unlawful Possession of Ammunition, Unlawful Possession of a Large Capacity Feeding Device, Failure to Stop for Police, Failure to Identify to Police, Leaving the Scene – Personal Injury, Leaving the Scene – Property Damage, Reckless Operation of a Motor Vehicle, and Possession with Intent to Distribute Class B Drugs.

The officer was transported to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

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