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Behind the Brand – Building a Better Cleaning Experience


If you work in a professional office, chances are there’s a cleaning company that shows up once you go home. We recently caught up with Jeff of Clean Right Cleaning Solutions to talk about how he’s bringing a better cleaning experience to you.

We’re getting to know Clean Right, but you’ve been doing this for how many years?
I’ve been doing this for over 20 years, and now more than ever, I see an opportunity to create a cleaning company that’s difference than the rest. I see now that it’s coming together and the community is responding in a big way. I’m proud of the work we’re doing, and the brand we’re building.

What is the better cleaning experience?
In the cleaning industry, the work is often overlooked. We’re there when everyone else goes home, and in many cases only get feedback when something is not 100%. That’s the nature of the cleaning industry and it can be hard to change.

But what we can change, is our approach. We took a closer look at our work and our desire to be the better option. As with any company, there’s growing pains, and human error, but we’re dedicated to delivering on our customer promise — and bring a better cleaning experience at every level.

Tell us what this means for customers?
First and foremost, we want customers to enjoy a safe and healthy work environment.

To get there, we put emphasis on how we approach our work from the inside out. We listen first, work hard and look for ways to add value at every turn.

One thing you’re most proud of?
Our customer promise. I’ve served many customers in the Greater New Bedford area for over 20 years now. An example would be New Bedford Pediatrics… they rely on us seven days a week and I can proudly say that Clean Right has never missed a visit in 20 years. Whether it’s a snow storm, hurricane or any other kind of potential conflict — I’m there because that’s our promise.

What next for Clean Right?
We’re getting involved in our community in a more meaningful way by supporting local programs. We’re looking to host a partner drive with Gifts to Give this fall, donate holiday meals to those in need, and coordinate a coat drive as we prepare for the winter months. We’re fortunate to be able to help others.

Clean Right Cleaning Solutions is a local commercial cleaning company. We tackle every kind of dirty job, so that you don’t have to. Email jeff@cleanrightsouthcoast.com for a quote, and he’ll get back to you today.

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