Floating Wind Turbine will reportedly be in New Bedford’s Clark’s Cove for next two months

The company “T-Omega Wind” was seen in New Bedford’s Clark’s Cove building a wind turbine in recent days. Residents were concerned as to what was happening so we went down and spoke with Co-Founder and Chief Engineer of the company, Jim Papadopoulos.

Jim told us, “We’re here with about a 2 month test with something about the size of a sail boat out in Clark’s Cove to see how it will ride the waves”. He also noted, “If it all works, this is a source of jobs because instead of it all being built in another country, these will be built in the U.S”.

Photo by T-Omega Wind.

The mission statement on the “T-Omega Wind” website reads,

T-Omega Wind is radically redesigning offshore wind turbines. Most offshore wind turbines adopt land-based structures. T-Omega Wind takes advantage of being on the water, rather than fighting it. Recognizing that weight drives cost and manufacturability, we designed a floating platform that is significantly lighter than standard designs.

We have completed wave tank tests of a 1:60 scale prototype and are seeking funding to develop our commercial-scale product. Our mission is to create and deploy a solution that will harness the power of offshore wind in a more affordable and accessible way.

Below you can watch the 2 minute video of Co-Founder, Jim Papadopoulos speaking at Clarks Cove.

New Bedford Military Museum seeks help finding pictures of faceless Medal of Honor recipients

Within New Bedford’s military museum in Fort Taber, you can find a wall displaying the 9 medal of honor recipients of New Bedford. The Medal of Honor is the United States’ highest award for military valor in action. According to the “National Medal of Honor Museum”, of the 40 million Americans who have served in the Armed Forces since the Civil War, only 3,517 have earned the Medal of Honor.

Two of the nine New Bedford recipients have no photograph or painted portrait to display in our military museum, or any museum for that matter. I know it’s a long shot, but if anyone has any historical photographs or paintings which could resemble these two individuals, please reach out as you will quite literally be holding on to a one-of-one historical photograph.


Steven Richard photo.

The first Medal of Honor recipient is William P Brownell who was born in New York on July 12th, 1839 and died in New York on April 26th, 1915. He is buried in OAK GROVE CEMETERY (MH) (GG-31), NEW BEDFORD, MA, UNITED STATES.


“Served as coxswain on board the U.S.S. Benton during the attack on Great Gulf Bay, 2 May 1863, and Vicksburg, 22 May 1863. Carrying out his duties with coolness and courage, Brownell served gallantly against the enemy as captain of a 9-inch gun in the attacks on Great Gulf and Vicksburg and as a member of the Battery Benton before Vicksburg.”


Steven Richard photo.

The next Medal of Honor recipient is Philip Bazaar who was born in Chile with no birth date available and died on December 28th, 1923 in New York City. He is buried in CALVARY CEMETERY (BURIED AS BAZAN), NEW YORK CITY, NY, UNITED STATES and his award is accredited to New Bedford, MA.


“On board the U.S.S. Santiago de Cuba during the assault on Fort Fisher on 15 January 1865. As one of a boat crew detailed to one of the generals onshore, O.S. Bazaar bravely entered the fort in the assault and accompanied his party in carrying dispatches at the height of the battle. He was one of six men who entered the fort in the assault from the fleet.”

I’m sure historians have searched endlessly for photographs of these gentlemen, so I know it is a long shot to find any photographs or paintings. But if there are any in existence, I would have to believe they would exist stored away in the attic of a south coast families home who has no idea that they are holding on to a piece of American history.

How New Bedford’s William H. Carney became an American Hero, first black Medal of Honor recipient

Buried in the Oak Grove cemetery in New Bedford, Massachusetts is an American Hero whose legend should be taught in history books across the country. Army Sgt. William H. Carney is the first African American recipient of the Medal of Honor.

Serving on the legendary Massachusetts 54th regiment in the Civil War, he earned the Medal of Honor during the “Charge of Fort Wagner”. When the unit’s color guard was killed, Carney stepped forth, picked up the American flag, and rallied his troops up the hill towards almost certain death. It’s important to emphasize that 270 of the 600 members of the 54th regiment were killed in this battle. These men truly embodied what it meant to “Live free or die”.

With the flag in his hand, Carney was shot several times, yet refused to let the flag hit the ground. He planted the flag at the base of the fort and held it upright until his nearly lifeless body was rescued.

Miraculously, he survived, and when rescued he looked up at his fellow soldiers and told them, “Boys, the old flag never touched the ground”. Check out this video highlighting the moment William Carney earned his medal of honor.

Historical displays in disrepair or outright destroyed at Fort Taber draw ire of New Bedford veterans

On Wednesday afternoon I paid a visit to the military museum at Fort Rodman in New Bedford. This is an amazing place to get lost in history, and if you are from the area you might even see memorabilia of an old family member which you did not know existed. I stumbled upon a photo of my uncle who served in Korea!

While there are endless stories I plan to cover, I felt obligated to address the concerns of the veterans who volunteer at the museum. When I told them I am a local journalist, every single volunteer pleaded that I help them get the signs repaired at the Fort. It’s a simple request, yet they have had no luck getting the City of New Bedford to complete this task.

When leaving the museum I asked myself, “How bad could these signs really be?” As I walked out the door one volunteer who is also a Vietnam veteran, gave me his final pitch and told me to go take a look for myself.

I took a walk along Fort Taber and snapped some photos of the displays which should stand as an educational resource to teach the public about the rich history of New Bedford. I will just post the photos and let you decide if these displays are something to be proud of…

Steven Richard photo.

Steven Richard photo.

Steven Richard photo.

Steven Richard photo.

Acushnet man builds walkthrough Christmas display with 100,000 lights for the community to enjoy

A homeowner in Acushnet, Massachusetts has transformed his yard into a winter wonderland featuring 2.5 acres full of over 100,000 Christmas lights. He took the entire month of November off of work to build this beautiful display for the community to enjoy.

Its located at 504 Main Street in Acushnet and open nightly from 5-8pm. He also has a great relationship with Santa and can assure every child that drops off a letter to Mr. Clause will receive a handwritten letter in return.

So bring the kids down to enjoy some hot chocolate, Christmas music, and a fantastic display of lights to kick off the holiday season! We stopped by and captured some video which you can chec out below.

Another New Bedford Christmas Grinch caught allegedly stealing packages from porch

Please make sure you are taking all the proper measures to protect yourself from porch pirates this holiday season! This is the time of year where criminals will scope out packages on the front porch of houses and gift themselves an early Christmas present.

We received another “Ring Doorbell” video of a porch pirate in action on County Street in New Bedford.

“Hi! If you want to give County Street a heads up: this old lady is stealing packages.” Video by Jill Carmel.

Good samaritan catches alleged thief that stole bike from New Bedford small business

On Sunday night, we shared Yesteryear Cyclery’s story about a Grinch who decided that he wanted a free bicycle for Christmas and walked out of the store with a gorgeous Eastern Reaper. You can see photos and the discussion of the story here.

Yesteryear posted this statement along with several photos of the suspect onto social media,

“At 10:15am on Saturday 11/25 this scumbag decided he wanted a new bike for Christmas but didn’t want to pay for it. If you recognize him or know him please contact the #NewBedford Police Department. We are offering a REWARD for the return and prosecution of this felon.”– Yesteryear Cyclery, Inc.

Yesteryear Cyclery, Inc. photo.

Yesteryear Cyclery, Inc. photo.

Thanks to the power of social media, a good samaritan happened to see the man walking with the stolen bike in New Bedford and sprung into action! David Nelson of New Bedford retrieved the bike from the thief and returned it to Yesteryear with no hesitation.

Yesteryear then posted this update following the return of the bike,


Special thanks to David Nelson who while on a Sunday drive behind the airport, spotted our “perpetrator” walking the bike. When he approached him and asked about the bike he was told “I just bought it yesterday for $2000 from Yesteryear!”

Mr. Nelson realized that it was our stolen bike and “gently” relieved our thief from the bike and contacted us. Pictured is David and Adam Iacaponi, general manager getting the bike back. Again a special thank you to David for his alert and kind act.


Yesteryear Cyclery, Inc. photo.

New Bedford man makes it on ESPN’s ‘Turkey Bowl Top Plays’ with hilarious juke

Ben Mello and Wayne Oliver made it on ESPN during the “Turkey Bowl Top Plays” segment on Thanksgiving. Coming in at #3 on the list you can see Ben Mello stopping on a dime as if he was Lamar Jackson himself, sending his buddy on a journey to find his own ankles.

Here is the video of the juke:

“We recently did a flag football game to raise money for the Pacheco Center in #Dartmouth which helps children with autism and raised over $1200. We also had a play from the game make it onto ESPN this morning.” said Sean Cote.

If you want to watch the Top 5 segment which consists of NFL legends Randy Moss, Teddy Bruschi, Alex Smith, and Rex Ryan laughing and analyzing the plays, CLICK HERE.

Several New Bedford Firefighters receive “Firefighter of the Year” awards for heroic, lifesaving rescues

Firefighters from across Massachusetts were recently honored at the 34th annual “Firefighter of the Year” awards and New Bedford was well represented to say the least.

Governor Healey, Secretary Reidy, and State Fire Marshal Davine presented seven medals of valor, 12 individual citations for meritorious conduct, 10 group citations for meritorious conduct, two Stephen D. Coan Fire Marshal’s Awards, and one Norman Knight Award for Excellence in Community Service to members of 22 Massachusetts fire departments. In total, 130 firefighters were recognized.

Most of the awards reflected lifesaving rescues performed individually and collectively by on- and off-duty firefighters at structure fires and crash sites.

Here is how some of our heroic New Bedford Firefighters were awarded:

• Medal of Valor: Lieutenant Steven Torres

• Governor’s Citation for Meritorious Conduct (Individual): Firefighter William Cabral

• Governor’s Citations for Meritorious Conduct (Group): Captain Michael Dillon, Lieutenant Ernest Letendre, Firefighter Kyle Martin, Firefighter Jonathan Parkin, Firefighter Renald Russo III

• Governor’s Citations for Meritorious Conduct (Group): District Chief Steven Beaulieu, District Chief Gary Raposa, Lieutenant Jason Beaulieu, Lieutenant Kevin Farnworth, Lieutenant Daniel Jackson, Firefighter Jason Barker, Firefighter Nicholas Corvi, Firefighter Jesse Andrade, Firefighter Bryce Fortes, Firefighter Kenneth Letourneau, Firefighter Mark Pacheco, Firefighter Derek Santos

• Governor’s Citations for Meritorious Conduct (Group): District Chief Scott Gomes, Captain Kenneth A. Silva Jr, Temp Lieutenant Marco Delima, Temp Lieutenant Brandon Medeiros, Lieutenant Louis Miranda, Lieutenant Steven Torres, Firefighter Moises Rodriguez

I think its safe to say that New Bedford residents not only appreciate what our firefighters do on a daily basis, but they are proud of the outstanding work that the New Bedford Fire Department handles.

Padanaram Holiday Stroll to feature Christmas carolers, bright lights, Santa on a fire truck, and more!

For those who are unaware, Padanaram village in south Dartmouth transforms into something you would see in a Hallmark movie when it becomes Christmas season. The intersection of Elm Street and Bridge Street become completely decked out with Christmas lights and a unique “Buoy Christmas Tree” stands lit on the boardwalk near the bridge.

This year, the annual holiday stroll will take place on Friday, December 1st, and im sure the little ones would love to see the activities taking place!

There will be a DJ playing music, Christmas carolers, and most anticipated…Santa will be rolling into the village on a fire truck at 4:30pm! If you can’t make it that early, no worries! The Buoy Tree lighting will be held at 7pm.

Padanaram Village is a beautiful place year round, but it really takes on a life of its own during the holiday season. I would absolutely add this to your holiday event list if you are a resident of the south coast!

We took a walk around Padanaram this past week to see some of the lights that are already up, watch below!

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