Elon Musk uses ‘X,’ formerly Twitter, to expose Massachusetts, New York migrant housing issue

Elon Musk recently brought the “migrant housing” issue in Massachusetts to the attention of 38 million people on ‘X,’ formerly known as ‘Twitter.’ Musk shared a video of Lieutenant Governor Kim Driscoll asking Massachusetts residents to host undocumented migrants in their homes and properties.

Musk captioned the video stating, “New York City just forced kids out of their school to house illegals”. He is referring to the situation at James Maddison High School where students are now learning at home via zoom while the school is being used as shelter for migrants.

Elon Musk is not shy when it comes to voicing his opinion on controversial topics online. This one most definitely had ‘X’ buzzing with debate, although the idea that Massachusetts and New York are mishandling this entire situation seems to be more bipartisan than other controversial issues.

Video captures brutal knockout in parking lot of New Bedford bar

An anonymous source recently sent us a video capturing a man punching and knocking out another man in the parking lot of “The Last Round” in New Bedford. This individual told us, “I want to be anonymous but this is Servulo Pires, assaulting a man who he didn’t know in the parking lot of Last Round. He hit him without expecting it breaking multiple teeth and breaking his eye socket.”

The New Bedford Police Department was notified and released this statement regarding the video: “We have determined that this video captures an incident that took place on September 3rd of last year. Mr. SERVULO PIRES, 30, of New Bedford has been charged with Assault and Battery causing serious injury. The case remains open in New Bedford district court.”

The video of the incident is captured below:

Gov. Healey launches new financial aid program for “undocumented students” in Massachusetts

For the first time ever, “undocumented students” will be able to apply for state need-based financial aid in the state of Massachusetts. According to a press release put out by Governor Healey,

“The MASFA is an alternative form that provides students who cannot complete the Free Application for State Financial Aid (FAFSA) due to their immigration status a way to apply for state need-based financial aid.

The application launch follows the August 2023 passage of Massachusetts’ Tuition Equity Law, which allows students who have completed at least three years of high school in Massachusetts and received a high school diploma or its equivalent in the Commonwealth to access in-state tuition and be eligible for financial aid, regardless of immigration status.”

To be eligible, Massachusetts residents must meet the following criteria:

• Was admitted to a public or private institution of higher education within the Massachusetts system of public higher education.

• Have attended at least three academic years at a high school in Massachusetts.

• Have graduated from high school in Massachusetts or have received the equivalent of a high school diploma (for example, a GED) in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

• Have applied for military selective service, if eligible.

• If the individual is not a citizen or legal permanent resident of the United States, that person must provide a completed the DHE Affidavit stating that the individual will file an application to become a citizen or legal permanent resident within 120 days after the individual becomes eligible to do so.

New Bedford gas station sends huge cloud of chemicals into sky after fire system set off

The Sunoco gas station located at 2942 Acushnet Avenue in the north end of New Bedford was shut down on Tuesday after its fire suppression system was set off. This created a massive cloud of chemicals to expand into the sky and cover vehicles in the surrounding area.

After speaking with a witness and a worker on the scene, there was not believed to be a fire at the gas station. An employee of Trucchi’s supermarket commented on social media stating,

“I work at trucchi’s and the cloud came right towards the store, we couldn’t even see out the windows, and the stuff got all over my car.”

The video below shows the aftermath of the chemicals at the gas station:

Acushnet Police seek info on driver who destroyed Church’s fence, sign at problem intersection

The Acushnet Police Department is seeking the public’s assistance in locating the vehicle depicted.

On Sunday evening at approximately 8:17PM, the vehicle failed to stop at the S. Main/Main Street stop sign. The vehicle then struck and destroyed the St. Francis Xavier Church’s fence and sign.

The vehicle then backed out and left the scene only to pass by a short time later while an officer was taking the police report. The operator once again failed to stop and identify themselves. If you are the responsible party or if anyone recognizes this vehicle, please contact the APD (508) 998-0240.

Acushnet Police Department photo.

New Bedford’s Samantha Johnson goes viral on “The Rock’s” Instagram

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson posted a video of New Bedford native Samantha Johnson’s reaction to his WWE return on Instagram. Over 71 million views later, its safe to say the New Bedford native went viral on social media!

The Rock captioned the video, “That “IF YA SMELLL” Rock music just hits the soul differently – especially when it’s a surprise

Awesome reaction from @samanthairvinwwe, who’s doing an amazing job on the mic for @wwe!🎤🔥
She’s a bad ass!

#peopleschamp ✊🏾”

Checkout the viral video below!

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Faces of New Bedford #243: Celia Brito and Tanya Alves

Celia Brito is known by many as a personable woman who loves fashion and owns Celia’s Boutique in downtown New Bedford. What many don’t realize is how accomplished of an entrepreneur she really is. Did you know her store is the longest-operating small business in downtown New Bedford? That doesn’t happen by accident.

She was born in Cape Verde and moved to New Bedford at the age of six. Growing up in New Bedford she always loved fashion, yet she moved to Boston and used her intelligence to climb the corporate ladder working high up in the rankings of Polaroid. Corporate America can be rough, and when Polaroid hit rough times, she was laid off from her position.

Sick of the corporate Boston rat race, Celia decided to move back to the city she loves and pursue her true passion as a fashion entrepreneur. She immediately noticed a hole in the market of New Bedford. There was a boom of successful working women in the city, yet no place locally for them to shop for high-end business attire.

She acted on her instincts and in 2003, Celia’s Boutique was born.

20 years later, her business has expanded and she is now a staple in downtown, New Bedford. I asked her what advice she would give to a teenager in New Bedford who has dreams of one day starting a successful business. To be honest, I was expecting a fluff answer along the lines of “follow your dreams” or “do what you love”.

But without hesitation, Celia began to step by step layout a strategic business plan that could get a young aspiring entrepreneur in the game and ready to open a business. She began discussing the importance of finding mentors, avoiding loans and debt, understanding culture, building a brand. It was at that moment I realized why Celia is successful.

It’s no surprise that Celia raised a daughter who is also very intelligent and plays a major role in the culture of downtown, New Bedford. Meet Tanya Alves, co-owner of Celias Boutique and the daughter of Celia Brito.

Tanya is a mother of two kids herself, so when she isn’t working at the boutique you can probably find her out spending time with her family. She is a graduate of New Bedford High School and has been assisting her mother in running the business since 2018.

Speaking with Tanya it was clear she believes community is the heartbeat of running a successful business. I’ve spoke with her twice this past month and both times I left that conversation with information on multiple new local events that I had no idea were happening, and multiple names of local artists and entrepreneurs that I should be in contact with.

If something positive is happening in New Bedford, chances are Tanya is involved or is at the very least close friends with the person in charge. Celia and Tanya are without a doubt two influential members of our community and their story will inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs in New Bedford.

Check out our other Faces of New Bedford here.

Floating Wind Turbine will reportedly be in New Bedford’s Clark’s Cove for next two months

The company “T-Omega Wind” was seen in New Bedford’s Clark’s Cove building a wind turbine in recent days. Residents were concerned as to what was happening so we went down and spoke with Co-Founder and Chief Engineer of the company, Jim Papadopoulos.

Jim told us, “We’re here with about a 2 month test with something about the size of a sail boat out in Clark’s Cove to see how it will ride the waves”. He also noted, “If it all works, this is a source of jobs because instead of it all being built in another country, these will be built in the U.S”.

Photo by T-Omega Wind.

The mission statement on the “T-Omega Wind” website reads,

T-Omega Wind is radically redesigning offshore wind turbines. Most offshore wind turbines adopt land-based structures. T-Omega Wind takes advantage of being on the water, rather than fighting it. Recognizing that weight drives cost and manufacturability, we designed a floating platform that is significantly lighter than standard designs.

We have completed wave tank tests of a 1:60 scale prototype and are seeking funding to develop our commercial-scale product. Our mission is to create and deploy a solution that will harness the power of offshore wind in a more affordable and accessible way.

Below you can watch the 2 minute video of Co-Founder, Jim Papadopoulos speaking at Clarks Cove.

New Bedford Military Museum seeks help finding pictures of faceless Medal of Honor recipients

Within New Bedford’s military museum in Fort Taber, you can find a wall displaying the 9 medal of honor recipients of New Bedford. The Medal of Honor is the United States’ highest award for military valor in action. According to the “National Medal of Honor Museum”, of the 40 million Americans who have served in the Armed Forces since the Civil War, only 3,517 have earned the Medal of Honor.

Two of the nine New Bedford recipients have no photograph or painted portrait to display in our military museum, or any museum for that matter. I know it’s a long shot, but if anyone has any historical photographs or paintings which could resemble these two individuals, please reach out as you will quite literally be holding on to a one-of-one historical photograph.


Steven Richard photo.

The first Medal of Honor recipient is William P Brownell who was born in New York on July 12th, 1839 and died in New York on April 26th, 1915. He is buried in OAK GROVE CEMETERY (MH) (GG-31), NEW BEDFORD, MA, UNITED STATES.


“Served as coxswain on board the U.S.S. Benton during the attack on Great Gulf Bay, 2 May 1863, and Vicksburg, 22 May 1863. Carrying out his duties with coolness and courage, Brownell served gallantly against the enemy as captain of a 9-inch gun in the attacks on Great Gulf and Vicksburg and as a member of the Battery Benton before Vicksburg.”


Steven Richard photo.

The next Medal of Honor recipient is Philip Bazaar who was born in Chile with no birth date available and died on December 28th, 1923 in New York City. He is buried in CALVARY CEMETERY (BURIED AS BAZAN), NEW YORK CITY, NY, UNITED STATES and his award is accredited to New Bedford, MA.


“On board the U.S.S. Santiago de Cuba during the assault on Fort Fisher on 15 January 1865. As one of a boat crew detailed to one of the generals onshore, O.S. Bazaar bravely entered the fort in the assault and accompanied his party in carrying dispatches at the height of the battle. He was one of six men who entered the fort in the assault from the fleet.”

I’m sure historians have searched endlessly for photographs of these gentlemen, so I know it is a long shot to find any photographs or paintings. But if there are any in existence, I would have to believe they would exist stored away in the attic of a south coast families home who has no idea that they are holding on to a piece of American history.

How New Bedford’s William H. Carney became an American Hero, first black Medal of Honor recipient

Buried in the Oak Grove cemetery in New Bedford, Massachusetts is an American Hero whose legend should be taught in history books across the country. Army Sgt. William H. Carney is the first African American recipient of the Medal of Honor.

Serving on the legendary Massachusetts 54th regiment in the Civil War, he earned the Medal of Honor during the “Charge of Fort Wagner”. When the unit’s color guard was killed, Carney stepped forth, picked up the American flag, and rallied his troops up the hill towards almost certain death. It’s important to emphasize that 270 of the 600 members of the 54th regiment were killed in this battle. These men truly embodied what it meant to “Live free or die”.

With the flag in his hand, Carney was shot several times, yet refused to let the flag hit the ground. He planted the flag at the base of the fort and held it upright until his nearly lifeless body was rescued.

Miraculously, he survived, and when rescued he looked up at his fellow soldiers and told them, “Boys, the old flag never touched the ground”. Check out this video highlighting the moment William Carney earned his medal of honor.

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