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ArtWorks! Art Battle


“Art Battle” will be an event like no other which has ever been seen in the city.

ArtWorks! Partners for the Arts and Community Inc., invites artists to participate and enjoy a night of creativity, live music and fun in the main gallery.  The Art Battle offers a rare opportunity to witness artists at work.

On the night of the event, artists will be randomly paired and each will be given a topic to creatively battle on canvas/wood surfaces for two hours.  The winning artwork will be decided by the audience. The winning artist will receive $100 cash. A referee will be in attendance.

We ask that all artists bring any medium of their choice. ArtWorks! will provide the surface on which to create the art. There is a $15 entry fee for brave artists willing to participate with the chance to win the grand prize, (a championship belt may also be involved). The artwork that is completed that night will be hung in the gallery until the first week of November to be on exhibit for the community.

Artworks! Art Battle New Bedford, MA

Back by popular demand, music for the night will be provided by Riff Parade. “They are a collection of musicians from New England who grew tired of playing in bands who only wanted to get signed. So Riff Parade founders decided to forget the bands they played in and to form a spontaneous, experimental jam project that boycotts everything that being in an aspiring band is about.”  They have decided to create music for the sake of music, meaning that it must be made right on the spot live with whatever means available and then never be played again. Furthermore, it is important to invite those in the audience to join in, because they could have something more to offer to the mix.

The Art Battle will be on October 22nd at 7pm. There will be a $3 cover at the door for anyone who would like to attend.

If you have any questions please call 508-984-1588 or email Ryan at ryandraws2@yahoo.com



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