All Friends Catering Places Greater New Bedford on the BBQ Map!


Yes. This is an actual picture of Littlenecks made by All Friends Catering!

How does a business -in this case, a caterer- go from unknown to have everyone in the greater New Bedford area talking about it in a three year period? How does one get their business to be highly in demand? By offering mouth watering food and backing it with world-class service, that’s how.

Since the economic downturn in 2008, the South Coast region -or the nation for that matter- hasn’t exactly been the best environment to get a business started and survive. There’s plenty of competition too. So, when a business does survive past its first year, it can’t be simply chalked up to luck or chance. You have to do something right and do that something right better than most.

Down South isn’t the only place you can get authentic BBQ!

That’s exactly the case with New Bedford native Jonathan Abreu’s “All Friends Catering,” which serves the greater New Bedford area and beyond, specializing in a BBQ (which is unique to the area) that has a Portuguese and New England twist. While there is no doubt that his training at Johnson and Wales University in the field of Culinary Arts and Food Service Management, and 15+ years in the food service industry and local restaurants helped – that’s indubitably not enough. You have to make damn good food, to put it simply.

Chances are you’ve heard some word of mouth, read some testimonials, or seen some of the drool-inducing images on his website or Facebook. If you haven’t, the previous sentence contains links. If you are a fan of “drool-inducing” images, don’t fret – there will be plenty in the article and in an album at the end.

This area seriously lacks in the BBQ department, so I’m overjoyed that “All Friends” is around – especially since I’m a foodie! What makes Abreu’s BBQ so darn good? The flavored woods, like hickory, peach, pecan, cherry and apple are a factor. A delectable homemade BBQ sauce, a sweet coleslaw, and all the side dishes as well.

The fact that he buys local -supporting farms like Silverbrook Farm of Acushnet in the process- is a HUGE part of it. Using local foods, as opposed to shipped in produce, means it isn’t picked before it’s ripened and shipped on a truck for 4-5 days. You get the freshest fruits, vegetables and meat that are harvested when they are perfectly ready. There is a taste difference that goes far beyond the subtle. In fact, top chefs the world over know this and the vast majority incorporate the idea.

AFC caters for weddings, backyards, corporate functions, and other special dates

The idea that there is a New England and Portuguese twist to the BBQ, just tickles me pink. What is a Portuguese and New England twist? Imagine all the traditional BBQ offerings like hand-pulled, tender pork, or dry rubbed, smoked to perfection brisket, or the juiciest chicken tossed with their signature BBQ sauce and topped with pickles. Yes, there’s all this tradition and much more.

Add to these a Portuguese Cheeseburger: “seasoned ground beef blended with fresh ground chourico, onions, and peppers. Topped with Cheddar cheese,” a Black Bean Burger: “seasoned black beans blended with garlic, onions, peppers, and bread crumbs,” and Apple Cider & Cranberry Turkey: “whole turkey in an apple cider brine seasoned with a special cranberry and herb blend and smoked over pecan wood.”

Oh, man.

There are plenty of fixings too. BBQ beans, potato salad, cornbread -with or without jalapeño- grilled veggies, Mac-n-cheese and more. Full BBQ menu can be seen here:

Lest you think that they only do BBQ, check out their traditonal menu, packed with salads, burgers, Hors d’oeuvres, soups, entrees, a carving station and, yes even vegetarian options. As expected, there are Portuguese favorites like bifanas, bacalhau, pork Alentejana, chicken or shrimp Mozambique, cacoila, an Kale soup.

New Bedford’s own Jonathan Abreu.

But if you think a BBQ, may not be fancy enough for your formal gathering, a quick look at their menu will show some “upscale” entrees like braised pork belly with a sweet cabbage roll, butternut Squash Risotto with peas topped with fresh herbs and a freshly toasted Parmesan chip, and pan-seared hybrid bass with a fresh clam, greens, and a spinach infused sauce to name but a few.

What launches “All Friends” into the stratosphere of salivation is that they will either drop it off or bring this BBQ – and more – to you. They will show up with their trailer, smoker and 6 burner gas grills and make it happen. Have a special day coming? Whether a wedding reception, birthday, anniversary, Baptisms, corporate or just because it’s Saturday and sunny, they will save you precious time, fill bellies, and put smiling, blissful faces on every one of your guests. All at an affordable rate to boot, which you can get online using the Request a Quote feature, or by calling Jonathan at 774.628.9735.

You don’t have to head down south, to have authentic, world-class BBQ. You can have it right here in greater New Bedford. Sure, there will be BBQ snobs, who say, “You have to head to St. Louis or Texas to get authentic BBQ,” but there’s only one place on planet earth that you can get authentic BBQ with a Portuguese and New England twist, All Friends Catering.

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