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Acushnet Police Department seeks help in IDing man who ran over dog


From the Acushnet PD: “The APD is requesting your help identifying the individual depicted in this video.

Officers responded to a call for service which resulted in this individual operating this quad striking a dog and leaving the scene.

This individual was operating this ATV illegally on private land. Luckily the dog is reported to be okay, but we are taking this very seriously and would like your assistance bringing this individual to justice! Call (508) 998-0240.”

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  1. I feel terrible about the poor dog. As an animal lover with a brand new rescue dog, my heart goes out to the family who’s beloved pet the dog is – and the dog him/herself…

    However, as far as I know, there’s no such thing as illegally operating an ATV on one’s own private property.

    Did the police department stop to think, even for a moment, that chasing a person on an off-road recreational vehicle on private property might not be such a great idea?

    This is even dumber than cops conducting high-speed chases through residential neighborhoods and even city streets during peak business hours! This kind of thing amounts to nothing more than police flexing their tyrannical muscle and not caring who gets hurt or dies while they chase some punk with a bench warrant.

    Nobody can outrun a radio! Break off pursuit and track him down later, when he’s not operating a motor vehicle.

    High-speed chases like this are being outlawed all across the country for a reason – because they’re incredibly stupid and not worth the risk!

    In some places, cops are actually being charged criminally for involuntary manslaughter, reckless endangerment and depraved indifference negligent homicide for engaging in this type of moronic, ill-advised chases.

    I think the guy on the ATV should be charged with animal cruelty on top of any other charges he earned, but I also feel that the officer(s) involved in this case should be investigated and/or charged with reckless endangerment.

  2. What makes you think he was operating it on his own property? Duh. Obviously he was ILLEGALLY on someone else’s private property.

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