Acushnet man mourns loss of Ford Middle School teacher, Dartmouth resident, Mr. Martin and pays tribute to his memory

“It is with a heavy heart we share with you that our 6th-grade math teacher Mr. Shane Martin passed away peacefully last night, after a courageous battle with Pancreatic Cancer.

We know he touched the lives of so many students and colleagues during his time at Ford Middle School and will be greatly missed. The middle school will have extra counselors available on Monday for any students who may need support. Please keep Mr. Martin’s family in your thoughts during this difficult time.”-Acushnet Public Schools.

Acushnet Teachers Association photo.


“Hey I’ll make this brief but I figured I’d reach out to you all to see if you could get a thing going for my old middle school teacher Mr. Martins’s family who recently just passed of pancreatic cancer.

I’m 31 now and I don’t remember much about middle school let alone names but I do remember Mr. Martin specifically because he would do whatever he could to help the people such as myself who could not pay attention if our lives depended on it. This man would keep us after class to explain or help us understand what at the time was the hardest subject for most, mathematics.

He constantly would ask us about life and how we felt and if we needed anything even if it was in a different class. He helped me and my best friend along with a handful of others in our grade pass. If we had bad days or things happening outside of school he would teach us don’t let things distract us from the bigger pictures in life. But most importantly he showed us not to give up.

Acushnet Teachers Association photo.

Now years later I have 2 kids, a house my family, and that kid who was my best friend in school has now died. I saw Mr. Martin a few years ago after my friend’s death and he was fine and in good spirits like always. He even remembered to say sorry for my loss and asked how my life is going.

This is truly a big loss to Acushnet and anyone who attended Ford Middle School and if anything even if gathering money for his family wouldn’t work, making a post to let people know who he was as not only a man but as a teacher and role model to the kids he taught would be greatly appreciated by others including myself.

Thank you,
Harrison Ingham.”

Acushnet Teachers Association photo.

Acushnet Teachers Association photo.

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