Acushnet Fire Department receives grant for purchasing safety equipment

The Acushnet Fire & EMS Department has received notification of a grant award totaling $15,000 for the purchase of equipment focusing on firefighter safety.

The funds come from the Fiscal Year 2021 “Firefighter Safety Equipment Grant Program” administered by the Department of Fire Services. A total of $5 million was distributed to fire departments across the state. The amount each department was eligible for was based on the population of the community.

This grant will be used to purchase five thermal imaging cameras which will be carried on each of the fire department’s apparatus. In addition, funds will be used to replace aging fire nozzles and hose.

“We are thankful the state-approved our grant request,” stated Acushnet Fire Chief Kevin Gallagher. “These funds will allow us to continue to upgrade equipment that is so very important to the safety of our firefighters. I want to commend our senior members, especially Firefighter / Paramedic Thomas Farland, for playing a leading role in writing our successful grant proposal”.

“We constantly are looking for grant opportunities in order to take the cost of equipment purchases and replacement off the backs of the Acushnet taxpayer. Our folks did a great job,” stated Chief Gallagher,”

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