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Acushnet Fire Chief’s appeal to the state for COVID-19 test van to come to Acushnet falls on deaf ears


The following was published by the Acushnet Fire & EMS Department:

“Here is why, we think, it is a good idea for the state to allow the free COVID test van to come to Acushnet, if even just once:

On Wednesday afternoons, usually around 4:00pm, the state releases data which details testing trends over the previous two weeks. This data shows the total amount of cases, total tests taken, tests taken in the past 14 days and the positive tests found from those tests in the past 14 days. One measure that the report shows, and we are told is an important indicator of community spread, is the “percent positivity,” or the percentage of positive cases stemming from the tests taken during that 14 day period.

The statewide percent positivity reported yesterday is 1.75%, a slight increase from previous reports but nowhere near the way too high number from the early spring (social distancing, wearing masks, washing hands does work).

New Bedford was selected to be a host site for the “Stop the Spread” initiative because it’s percentage positivity rate was higher than the state average. As of yesterday, the city’s rate was 2.24%.

In Acushnet, 102 total COVID cases have been reported. A total of 1,604 tests have been given to Acushnet residents (possibly more than once for some people). Over the past 14 days, 166 tests have been administered. Over the past 14 days, 6 new cases have been found. The positivity rate is 3.61%.

Acushnet’s rate is higher than the state average AND higher than New Bedford’s yet we can’t get a response to our request to bring the free testing van to the school parking lot for a few hours one day!”

The program ends August 14th.” -Acushnet Fire & EMS Department.

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