Acushnet Fire Chief: “We are back in the RED! Let’s run the numbers up and get vaccinated!”

“Based on data released last night by the state, 4,811 of Acushnet’s 10,449 are either fully or partially vaccinated. That represents 46% of the population and is an increase of 3.3% from last week’s report.

“The next four days are important. We know that the FEMA vaccine clinic is committed to first dose administration for this coming Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. While they commit to providing second shots, your ability to simply walk in for your first shot (and to be guaranteed a second at the same site) may be lost in the weeks to come.

“Let’s run up the numbers this weekend. Think of this as a four-game home stand against the Yankees. Let’s take pleasure in running up the score and walking away with that satisfied smirk on our faces.

“The next four days; 9:00am-4:00pm at 40 Tichon Avenue in New Bedford. Call 508-984-2661 for an appointment or walk-in.”-Chief Kevin Gallagher.

Acushnet Fire & EMS photo.

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