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Don’t let the winter blues set in when closing the pool for the season, let Aaron Pools & Spas take care of it


When temperatures reach approximately 65°F it’s time to close your pool. While no one wants to have to think about it, at a certain point in the year you have to address closing your pool for the season. An end to the center of social gatherings, fun with family and friends, exercise and more has to come to a conclusion until next summer.

As anyone who owns a pool knows, there is a considerable amount of upkeep, maintenance and care that comes with our pools. Opening your pool for the season isn’t as simple as pulling the cover off and jumping in. Inversely, neither does closing one’s pool consist of putting the cover on it.

There are, in fact, best practices for opening and closing your pool and in a day and age where most of us have work and family schedules absolutely filled with things to do, we often push off both for another day. Thankfully, there are professionals that can come to the rescue and close your pool for you.

The South Coast’s experts in all things related to pools and hot tubs is Aaron Pools & Spas, and when it comes to opening, maintaining, or closing one’s pool no one does it better.

The worst thing you can do is let all that debris fester away in a covered pool for the winter, wait for the hardness, alkaline or pH to become unbalanced, replace the filter, etc. and say to yourself “I’ll just do everything when I open the pool next summer.” That means a lot of work for you, perhaps more than you anticipated and when that super hot day does roll around and you want to just dive into your pool it’ll have to wait. Hopefully, there will be no damage and nothing will need to be repaired or cost more than usual. Being pro-active will save you money and stress.

To close a pool or winterize it means needing the tools, perhaps a Shop-Vac, Algaecide, chemistry test kit and strips, pH increaser and/or pH decreaser, a “shocker,” possibly Calcium hardness and Alkalinity increasers, Rubber plugs or straight pressure plugs for return jets, Metal sequestrant, a Winter Pill, and a winter pool cover/safety cover and pool cover weights.

It means maintaining a proper balance of chemicals to maintain calcium hardness between 180-220ppm, alkalinity between 80-120ppm and the pH balance between 7.2 and 7.6. It means cleaning the pool of debris, e.g. leaves, twigs, dead bugs, dirt. It means checking on the pumps, filter health, and draining the water from the pump and filter system to prevent ice buildup in them which could cause them to crack just like they do in our homes. It means covering it with a pool to prevent drowning accidents.

Sound like a lot? It is.

You don’t need to stress over it and you don’t need to set aside time in your busy life to do it – one phone call to Aaron Pools & Spas, done.


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