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A New Bedford Open Studios Review


Butch McCarthy
by Butch McCarthy


I couldn’t go because I had two gigs on Saturday starting at 3 and ending at Midnight…..and, boy, are my arms tired!


Started at Sawyer St. and climbed the stairs (huff/puff).  I saw lots of incredible art.  I was particularly taken by the work of Joseph Moniz. There was a painting of a woman lying on a couch with her back to the viewer.  Exquisite detail- right down to the red marks on the backs of her heels left by the shoes on the floor in front of the couch.  My eyes were drawn to the shoes for some reason- black pumps.

Visited Shelley Cardoos’ studio and bought a painting- people figures on a bluish background on wood. Very cool. Shelley also created the “Linguica And Coffee Milk” and “02740” t-shirts that I’m sure you’ve seen around town.  Shane Mackie at Scrimshaw Screenprinting was incredibly informative about his craft and I scored a free shirt!

New Bedford Open Studios Painting

Headed down to the Hatch Street Studios next.  Climbed the staaaaiiiiirs (huffhuffpuffpuff) before I realized there was an elevator.  Much larger venue and eclectic- some standouts: Huguette Despault May and her charcoal drawings; Nicole Monforti at Headcase Press and her cards and other items fashioned on antique printing presses (bought several); Nicole St. Pierre and her hand-dyed fabric hats and scarves, Michael Pietragalla at Floating Stone Woodworks and his inspired furniture; Marc St. Pierre who was working on a collection of photographs made with a handmade pinhole camera- very meticulous and beautiful work; Lori Bradley’s mixed media works (hard to explain but breath-taking) and Michelle Lapointe and her stained glass pieces.

To be honest, I was a bit overwhelmed by the amount of incredible work there was to view.  I highly recommend that you check out both these locations- my only regret is that I didn’t have time to visit all the other studios taking part in the weekend’s festivities!

Hatch Street has a Holiday Sale  from 26-28 Nov.  For more info: hatchstreetstudios.com and newbedfordopenstudios.org.


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