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80% of New Bedford residents do NOT support the “Nip bottle ban” according to poll


We ran a poll in the largest New Bedford group online asking residents if they supported the “Nip Bottle Ban” and the results were surprising. In total, 111 residents participated with 88 voting against the ban on nips and 23 voting for the ban.

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When the ban on nips was passed by the licensing board on July 24th, many who were in opposition felt there was not a fair process and the residents should have been able to vote on this matter. Most notably Mark Riley, the owner of “Freitas Package Store” has been voicing his objection to the ban.

“This decision was made by a hand picked committee appointed by the mayor, because the mayor knows if you put this in front of the voters it would not pass.”

It is important to clarify that the debate is not whether nips are polluting our community or not, both sides agree that they are an issue. The issue at hand is deciding what the best solution to this problem is.

Residents that are in support of the ban believe banning nips will eliminate a large source of pollution on New Bedford streets. While residents against the ban believe putting a deposit on nip bottles will encourage individuals to return empty bottles for money rather than litter.

Regardless of what side citizens are on, this seems to be a critically important topic for many. Which leads to the question, should citizens of voted on this matter rather than leave it to a board to decide?

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  1. 111 persons polled is not 80% of New Bedford’s population. The of title on the article is wrong.

  2. Hard to imagine your small and unscientific sample actually means anything. But if it does represent NB voters, what does it say about them? They like litter? They prefer to consume their booze from nips?

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