67-year old New Bedford man arrested on drug charges, possession of sawed-off shotgun

On Dec. 28, New Bedford police detectives seized a sawed-off shotgun, 6.4 grams of cocaine, 3 suboxone film strips, 4 shotgun shells, 2 rounds of .380 auto, drug paraphernalia, and $1504 at 69 Nelson St. Apt. 2E.

67-year old Joseph Smith was subsequently arrested and charged with drug possession and several firearms-related offenses including possession of a sawed-off shotgun.

The case was investigated by Detective Matthew Sylvia.

If you have any information on criminal activity in your neighborhood, the New Bedford Police Dept. wants to hear from you. You can leave an anonymous tip on our voicemail at (508) 991-6300 Ext. 1.

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