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5 Reasons to buy a hot tub today


We Americans love to work hard and play hard. However, we often focus so much on working that we don’t realize we need that rest, relaxation, or downtime until something “breaks.” We have drawn the proverbial bowstring too tightly and it snaps. We are overstressed, snappy, overtired, or cranky. We get indigestion, ulcers, high blood pressure, nervous breakdowns, and in extreme cases heart attacks or strokes.

Even playing too hard leads to breakdowns in the body, e.g. sprained joints, torn ligaments, muscle cramps, tension, and other signs of your body saying “Time to take a break.” Whether we schedule in our time to take a break or what for something to break, we are always looking for ways to destress, to physically and psychologically heal.

We simply need a balance between the two.

Rest and relaxation can come in many forms and often these forms come at a high expense like going on vacation to somewhere tropical or a massage, or come in the form of going out partying or drinking. We have to keep funneling money into trying to maintain that balance.

A hot tub is no longer a “box” with some hot water and a few jets. Those hot tubs are a thing of the past and long gone. There is now a variety among them and they can serve multiple purposes beyond the old-fashioned ones.

People often talk about success coming in the form of owning a home, a car, and making a decent salary, however, what is the point of being successful if you can’t enjoy life, enjoy yourself?

A hot tub is a great, inexpensive way to reward yourself. Best of all is its availability: you can be in your hot tub within a minute’s notice. And since modern tubs usually come with self-cleaning there is no worry or added stress to maintain them – anything else would defeat the purpose!

Earlier this year, we spotlighted a great local business, the family-owned and operated Aaron Pools & Spas. Being local means you are 10 minutes away from seeing, touching, feeling a hot tub in their showroom. You can discuss your options with friendly, experienced staff and if you decide to pull the trigger, in no time at all you will have a hot tub in your very own home.

Here are 5 reasons to buy a hot tub today:

1. Daycation

Had a rough day at work? Experiencing stressful events at home or with family? Just need to get-away but don’t have a week or even a few days to take off? At the drop of a hat, you can uncover your hot tub, hop in and treat yourself to a daycation. Heck, it can be an “hourcation.”

The instant you hop in you can feel the stress begin to slough off. You know that “Ahhhhh…..” moment you have when you hop in a shower after a long day and the hot water is beating down on your neck and shoulder? Imagine that times ten. You get whisked away to another place and even if it’s just for an hour the payoff is massive.

2. Rest, rejuvenation, rehabilition

No need to wait until you feel like you need a daycation, you can just maintain balance between work and rest with a daily visit to the hot tub. Don’t wait until stress is reaching a breaking point – be pro-active and nip it in the bud. Your body will thank you, and best of all a visit to the hot tub after a long day means you will sleep like a baby.

Maintaining that balance will rejuvenate and replenish your mind, body and soul and put you in a good place to tackle the next day. You can even hop in before heading off to work and start the day totally relaxed.

Finally, if you have some sprains, cramps or aches from playing baseball, running, hockey, yoga, rock climbing or any other physical endeavor you can remove gravity from the equation and rehabilitate those sore joints and muscles. Ben-Gay or Icy Hot? Why when you have something a thousand times better?

3. Exercise

Maybe you already play hard and looking to alternate light workouts with hard ones. With swim spas your hot tub’s jet streams create a current that you can swim against. Since they are adjustable in terms of power, you can make it everything between light to challenging – up to 5 miles per hour!

If a swim spa is good enough for competitive swimmers it will good enough for those of us who consider themselves a bonafide athlete.

If you are longer “in the tooth” – in your 50s or older – here’s a fantastic way to get some low impact exercise with all the cardiovascular benefits.

4. Affordable

Hot tubs are much more affordable than you think! Not just in terms of the purchase, but when it comes to maintenance. Once you buy the hot tub you get decades of a renewable experience – unlike things like a vacation or massage, you don’t need to pay every single time.

5. Social Benefits

Have some family over? Some friends stopped by? Unwind with them in the hot tub. Whether summer or winter you can head to the hot tub and entertain company. No need to keep to yourself! Success is no good if there is no one to share it with. A hot tub is a great way to lighten the mood, break the ice, or just have plain old-fashioned fun.

In fact, you’ll find friends and family will want to visit more often and you’ll have to come up with ways to hoard it for yourself!

Ready to make the leap? You can visit Aaron Pool’s and Spa’s hot tub page to see which type of hot tub or swim spa is right for you or your family.


Aaron Pools & Spas

597 State Rd
Dartmouth, Massachusetts
Phone: (508) 996-3320
EMail: pools@aaronpoolsandspas.com

Wednesday-Saturday: 8:00am-4:00pm
Sunday & Tuesday: CLOSED

Facebook: facebook.com/aaronpoolsandspas/
Website: www.aaronpoolsandspas.com

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