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5 Dinners for $10 or Less


By Shonna McGrail

After moving to New Bedford in 2008 it didn’t take me long to realize that the city has some great dining to offer of an impressive variety. New Bedford is probably most renowned for it’s Portuguese cuisine and fresh seafood, but there are also some quality Asian and Italian eateries to choose from, and no shortage of mouth-watering burger options.

New Bedford restaurants offer a selection for pretty much anything you might be craving and if you know what you’re looking for, the price tag can be very reasonable. Here a selection of five of my favorite local dining spots where you can find a delicious meal for ten dollars or less.

1. Mikey B’s
989 Victoria Street,New Bedford, MA

mikey b fish chips new bedford guid
Mikey B's fish & chips

I can confidently say that there is something for everyone at Mikey B’s in the New Bedford’s north end. Mikey B’s boasts an interesting variety of food including Mexican-style cuisine, seafood selections, pub-style fare and pasta entrees.

I feel compelled to mention that Mikey B’s starts you off with complimentary chips and salsa. These aren’t your run of the mill chips and salsa, the salsa contains chunky tomatoes , pepper and black olives. Even the chips are warm and crispy. A great start to the meal.

Mikey B’s offers an all-you-can-eat chicken option for $8.99 that includes options of chicken Marsala, chicken Parmesan, buffalo chicken, and kabobs. Mikey B’s also offers a selection of sandwiches and burgers all for under ten dollars.

The last time I was at Mikey B’s I went with your standard fish and chips for $9.95. The meal came with two giant fillets in a delicious fluffy breading and seasoned fries. The meal also comes with your choice of a side.

2. A Kitchen
142 Huttleston Avenue, Fairhaven, MA

crab ranoons a kitchen new bedford guide
A Kitchen's crab rangoons.

A Kitchen (NBG review by Ivey Winkler)  is relatively new to the Greater New Bedford area. While a small and intimate location, the Chinese and Japanese fare is very fresh and affordable. As an added plus, A Kitchen is a BYOB so you can bring your own beer or wine to enjoy at dinner, which is always a money saver.

A Kitchen offers many of your favorite Chinese items, from appetizers like chicken fingers and crab rangoons to exquisite entrees such as General Gau’s chicken, Kung Pao shrimp with peanuts, or beef with broccoli; all of which are under ten dollars.

A Kitchen also makes my favorite sushi in the area. If you enjoy sushi they offer a great variety of rolls, most of which are between five and ten dollars.

3. Café Funchal
123 Church Street, New Bedford, MA

It may surprise some people that I decided to add Funchal to the list seeing as most of the major entrees at are not under ten dollars. However, Café Funchal offers a special deal Monday, Tuesday and Thursday that is such a bargain I felt compelled to mention them on the list.

With the Dinner for 2 deal, you get one dinner free!

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday Funchal offers “Dinner for 2”, a special deal where you can buy one meal at any price and get a second meal of $14 or less for free. This is especially great if you’re looking to go out on a date night or catch up with a friend over delicious Portuguese cuisine. The two of you can easily eat for under $20, and if you choose to split the bill you’re looking at a filling and quality meal for under… yes, you got it, ten dollars.

I recently enjoyed a night out at Funchal with my fiancée. I ordered my favorite Funchal signature dinner, the Pork Alentejana which is marinated pork and little necks in white wine and served over seasoned potatoes. My meal cost $13.95, and thus his meal of Chicken Mozambique was free.

If you’re looking to go to Funchal on a weekend or if you’re dining solo, there are in fact options on the menu for under ten dollars. All burgers and sandwiches (including their specialty regional Portuguese sandwiches) are under the ten dollar mark and come with your choice to french fries, house fries or rice.

4. Riccardi’s Italian Restaurant
901 Hathaway Road, New Bedford, MA

riccardis pizza new bedford guide
Riccardi's thin crust pizza.

Riccardi’s was the first restaurant I ever had the pleasure of eating at in New Bedford and ever since my go-to eatery when taking visiting guests out to dinner. The pizza and pasta options are spectacular, and the cozy atmosphere is friendly and inviting. Best of all, the prices are very affordable.

Riccardi’s makes great thin crust personal pizzas that often have you taking home leftovers. Every one of the pizza’s are under ten dollars, including their gourmet options which are a pizza lover’s dream. I highly recommend the Southestern Tex-Mex, which is a blend of spicy BBQ chicken tenders, low fat cheese, sliced red onions, green and hot peppers and fresh cilantro, all for only $8.95.

Also under ten dollars is Ricarrdi’s entire list of “Pastabilities,” which includes such delectable options as Baked Lasagna, Homestyle Manicotti and Shrimp, Broccoli & Ziti.

5. Spicy Lime
522 Pleasant Street, New Bedford, MA

Spicy Lime has become a downtown favorite as it has a laid-back and somewhat eclectic atmosphere as well as delicious Thai food that can be prepared in a whole range of spiciness.

Spicy Lime's pad thai.

Spicy Lime is a BYOB restaurant so if you’re over 21 you can bring your own beer or wine pairing to enjoy with their various options.

Spicy Lime offers all noodle and fried rice options for under ten dollars as long as you order it with chicken, pork, tofu or vegetables. For the size of the serving and the quality of the food, this is a great deal worth checking out. My typical favorite at Spicy Lime is the Drunken Noodles, which is loaded with veggies and is great with chicken drenched in a savory garlic chili sauce.

As with anything you order at Spicy Lime, you can request the level of spiciness you are looking for. Although I am a big fan of anything that will set my mouth on fire, I fine that medium hot is ideal when it comes to the Thai cuisine they prepare. During my last visit I ordered the popular Pad Thai, which is typically not spicy and has more of a peanut flavor. However, I requested that it be prepared at a medium level of hotness and the combination of spicy and peanut was a winner.

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  1. I’ve been to Riccardi’s. Their food is very delicious 🙂

  2. i love this article. Great ideas. I love to visit New Bedford from Cape Cod as winter def. limits good food. Thanks Shonna

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