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32-year old Boston man arrested on gun charges while driver with learner’s permit


Massachusetts State Troopers yesterday arrested a Boston man who was illegally in possession of a loaded revolver after they stopped him for driving with a cracked windshield.

At approximately 10:35 a.m., Troopers Peter Towle and Zachary Clark, members of the Troop H Community Action Team, observed a 2018 Chevrolet Impala traveling on Columbia Road in Dorchester. The Troopers observed a large crack in the car’s windshield running horizontally across the driver’s line of sight. The Troopers activated their blue lights and siren to stop the Impala, which by that time had turned onto Geneva Avenue.

The Troopers approached the Impala. The operator, when asked for a license, stated that he thought he had a learner’s permit. Troopers identified the operator as KEON D. ADAMS, 32, of Boston.

The Troopers observed a large pocket knife in the center console next to ADAMS and also noted a bulge in his waistband consistent in appearance with a concealed firearm. Troopers Towle and Clark also observed that ADAMS appeared to be nervous and seemed to be trying to further conceal the bulge in his waistband with his arm. Because of the large knife next to the driver and the likelihood that he was carrying a firearm, the Troopers ordered ADAMS out of the car as a safety precaution.

Once outside the car, ADAMS tried to pull away from the Troopers. However, the Troopers were able to place him in handcuffs and recover, from his waistband area, a loaded Ruger LCR .38 Special + P revolver with five .38 Special rounds in the cylinder. The Troopers determined that ADAMS did not possess a license to carry a firearm and that his license to operate a motor vehicle had been suspended. ADAMS was placed into custody.

The Impala was a rental, and a query with Enterprise Car Rental revealed that neither ADAMS nor his female passenger were named on the rental agreement.

ADAMS was booked at the State Police-South Boston Barracks. During the booking process Troopers learned that ADAMS had three prior convictions for firearm or violent crimes, a status that affected his new charges. He was charged with the following offenses:

– Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, third offense;
– Possession of a Firearm and Ammunition Without a Firearm Identification Card, subsequent offense;
– Carrying a Loaded Firearm; and
– Committing a Firearm Violation with Three Prior Violent/Drug Crimes.

ADAMS was also issued a citation for operating a motor vehicle after license suspension and operating with a cracked windshield. He was expected to be arraigned later yesterday in the Dorchester District Court. The passenger was not charged.

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