26-year old New Bedford gang member convicted for Roberto Clemente Park murder

“A 26-year-old New Bedford gang member was convicted by a jury of his peers last Friday of the second degree murder of Brad Lourenco. The defendant, Ivan Fontanez, is scheduled to be sentenced in Fall River Superior Court on November 27th at 9 am, Bristol County District Attorney Thomas M. Quinn III announced.

The two week long trial before Judge Renee Dupuis was prosecuted by Assistant District Attorneys Shawn Guilderson and Matthew Sylvia.

The jury also convicted Fontanez of carrying an illegal firearm and carrying a loaded illegal firearm.

On June 5, 2017, Fontanez and Keeland Rose got a ride from Temple Landing in the West End of New Bedford to Rivet Street in the South End of New Bedford. Fontanez and Rose then walked to Roberto Clemente Park where Fontanez pointed the firearm into a group of individuals at the park, fired the gun 9 times, and one shot struck Brad Lourenco in the back of the head causing his death. They both then ran from the area while being chased by south End gang members, including Bruno Lopes.

Fontanez and Rose both crossed over Route 18 by way of a pedestrian foot bridge. The murder weapon was later located hidden on this bridge. As they continued their flight, they discarded their sweatshirts and Fontanez discarded his sweatpants in a dumpster. That clothing was located, and DNA of Rose was found on one of the sweatshirts while DNA of Fontanez was found on the sweatpants.

The chase continued back over Route 18 when Fontanez and Rose jump into the back of a pickup truck that was in the area hoping to flee the scene. After the driver of the truck stops his car and ordered them out, Rose and Fontanez grabbed hand tools from the pickup truck in an attempt to defend themselves from the gang chasing them. They are apprehended by police within seconds of this occurring.

The shooting was likely the results of an ongoing feud between rival gangs in New Bedford and was in retaliation to an incident that occurred about a week before the homicide involving the non-fatal shooting of Fontanez’s half-brother.

Keeland Rose pled guilty to a charge of Accessory to Murder in 2019 and was sentenced to serve three to six years in state prison.”