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150 homeless kittens arrive in New Bedford as part of MSPCA program


On Tuesday approximately 150 homeless cats and kittens arrived in New Bedford from Florida as part of the MSPCA’s “Southern Hub” transport program. Florida has a high population of homeless cats and their shelters are overwhelmed. The program provides a lifeline for these cats by transporting them to Massachusetts where they are put up for adoption.

Florida has an overpopulation problem because its climate is conducive to year-round breeding. Because Massachusetts’ weather is not conducive to breeding all year, a deal was struck to bring the cats up north.

Planes are utilized by Greater Good Charities because transport aboard a truck would cause undue stress on cats. The 150 cats were sent to different MSPCA care and adoption centers in Boston, Centerville, Methuen, and Salem where they will undergo a 48-hour isolation, then health checkup before they can be released to potential parents. All cats will be spayed or neutered.

If you are interested in adopting one of the cats they will be available starting on Friday for those who were already spayed or neutered and on Saturday for those who had to be spayed or neutered after arrival to New Bedford. You can contact the MSPCA here.

All photos by the MSPCA:

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