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11 Things I Didn’t Know Until I Moved Here


3. Enunciation, Pronouncing Local Words: People didn’t know what the hell I was talking about when I asked about rentals in “FAIR-haven” and not “fair-HAVEN”. And why do people pronounce Coggeshall with a Z sound? It took me two years to pronounce Acushnet right–not to mention Mattapoisett, which at first I pronounced in a deranged French way. Oh, and I didn’t realize they rent places without major appliances like stoves and refrigerators until I moved in–Oops!

4. Portuguese Influence: I had no clue about this Portuguese enclave. Never heard of Linguica or Chourico. Never had fresh fig until my Portuguese landlord gave me one from his backyard tree, which he insulated well enough that it survived the winter.

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- Laura Pedulli is a freelancer writer and journalist in SouthCoast, Mass.

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  1. wicked ahsum ahticle !!!!

  2. Great insight. Glad you like it here. hope you will learn to love the area like me and my fellow New Beige family.

  3. You did forget one amazing thing that surprised me. A lot of people born and raised in New Bedford don’t realize the full history of the city. I was shocked. I realized this when my kids were in elementary school and studied black history. The Underground Railroad ended in New Bedford. What an amazing tour and very informative especially if you like history. I’m a southern belle born and raised. I raised my kids in New Bedford an when my nest emptied I moved back home. I miss New Bedford

  4. Philip S. Whiting

    Number 12 should be see Fairhaven High School during open house.

  5. Have you learned how to pronounce scallop (scoll (as in scald or all) -up) correctly? it bothers the hell out of me when most every TV personality and TV chef pronounce it incorrectly. Since we land the most “scollups” in the country, we certainly know how to pronounce it correctly here in Greater New Bedford. Mic drop.

  6. What’s this “FAIR-haven” – “fair-HAVEN” nonsense?

    I grew up on Rivet Street.

    Everybody knows it’s pronounced Fai-ayve

    …..ai corisco…….

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