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10 Unique Date Ideas


By Shonna McGrail Ryan

When you’ve lived in the same area for a while it becomes easy for everything to take on a “been there, done that” vibe.  Trying to be inventive with date ideas can really leave a person stumped, and that goes for all ages and relationship types.  If you feel like all of your date ideas have boiled down to the same restaurant, movie theatre or bar maybe it’s time for some fresh ideas.  Luckily, Greater New Bedford has plenty of fun things to do that are often overlooked.

Hopefully in this “10 Unique Date Ideas” article, you will find at least one thing you’ve never done before that will bring a little fun back into your relationship… even if it’s not a relationship of the romantic variety!  A lot of these ideas are bound to work just as well with a group of friends as they are with a significant other.

1. Go Kayaking
Osprey Kayak WestportYou are sure to have a memorable experience at Osprey Sea and Surf Adventures.  Located at 489 Old County Road in Westport, Osprey offers a variety of kayak rentals as well as Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP).  Osprey is situated at the head of the East Branch of the Westport River, which is a truly picturesque area.  Not only are kayaking and SUP excellent workouts, they allow you the chance to take in the beauty of the area at your own leisure.

Osprey caters to paddlers of all levels.  If you and your date are beginners looking for lessons they offer them.  On the other hand, if you are looking to amp up your kayaking or SUP skills by going into the waves you can also gain further instruction from their experts.  Osprey also offers SUP and kayak tours that range from scenic and casual to adventurous and physically demanding.

Whether your idea of fun is bird watching on the river or testing your limits against currents, Osprey Sea and Surf Adventures can help you get there and make for an unforgettable date.  For more information on rental costs, courses and tours go to: http://ospreyseakayak.com/.

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  1. New Bedford Antiques Center

    How about some antiquing thru out the city, we are the largest antiques co-op destination in the Northeast with over 200,000 sq.ft in four locations !

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