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The 10 Best Dishes on Earth and Where to Get Them Locally (Part 1)


2. House Style Steak
Steak. Sorry vegetarians and vegans of the world. Steak. Mouth watering, mindbogglingly good steak. There is only one place to get this particular steak with this name and that is Novo Mundo. While I am a skeptic, I am convinced that there is magic, perhaps voodoo or black magic involved. It’s honestly that good. Have you ever been to a restaurant where the table is so quiet that you can hear a pin drop because everyone is ravaging their food? That’s Novo Mundo’s House Style Steak. This is serious stuff.

Novo Mundo Steak
House Style Steak from New Bedford’s Novo Mundo!

I’ve been out with a crew of buddies, chatting, laughing and generally having a blast and as soon as that first bite happens, no one else exists. Tunnel vision. It’s all about this steak drizzled in a Portuguese Au Jus and accompanied with a perfect batch of freshly made fries or rice. Anyone who has been to Novo Mundo knows that they have a”secret” red sauce that typically goes over their famous half roasted chicken, but also is perfect on their fries.

This steak is a large portion. It’s cooked over high heat so you get that char on the outside and if you are like me and prefer your steak in the neighborhood of medium rare, the inside is not cooked all the way through. This is a special treat and when I want to feel like a king, I have Novo Mundo’s steak. Served by the best waitress on earth as well. I’ve never seen her use a pad and write anything down. By the time she has gotten halfway through the order, someone inevitably interrupts and alters their order, adds something or changes it altogether. You can try all you want, Carla will remember every detail and nuance.

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  1. YES! Spot on. Apsara in Fall River is the best! Pho, BeeBong, everything there is perfect!

  2. Hi Erin! I LOVE the Bee Boong! I’m always torn…..Pho or Bee Bong……Bee Boong or Pho?

    Galaxie restaurant on Rt. 22/Reservoir Avenue in Cranston makes UNBELIEVABLE Nime Chow and Bee Boong. If you haven’t been, it’s worth the trip.

    Thanks for reading! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Joe thanks for the article. We Tried the Pho this weekend from Sivalai in Fairhaven and were very impressed. Never would have known it was there so thanks for the hook up!

  4. Thanks for reading Chris! Was it your first Pho or were you already an addict when you walked in? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    You have to try Apsara’s in Fall River too. You can get the “bizarre” bits in their Pho!

  5. Love From the Seoul and Ayur Shr. I tried Bibimbap because of an article I read on here..most amazing thing I’ve ever eaten.

  6. Couldn’t agree with you more! My favorite places to eat

  7. I am in San Diego visiting my new grandson,coming home, to Acushnet, on thursday. Last night we had Pho for dinner. My daughter has been talking to me about it for a long time, I had no idea what it was and was eager to try it. One of the best dishes I have ever eaten! I was saying to her, I have no idea if I can get this back home and Walaa! Here is your post the very next morning! You know where I’ll be going when I get back home!

  8. I would add New Bedford style pizza to this list. I have introduced friends to the family -owned homemade sauce and thin crust varieties and they are all blown away. The common observation is that they have not had pizza like this back where they came from.

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